@BernieTB oh you can fuck up WordPress just by installing it.

@BernieTB oh yeah, been there done that. Got the scars.

Hired to look at converting a bespoke system with 12 years of Dev by a single guy into a Drupal system.

@daedalus welcome to licensing 101 how may we ensure we get as much money out of you as possible?

@pelagikat it's an in joke from Terry Pratchett books. One of the side characters is a librarian who very early in the series is turned into an Orangutan.

He very famously does NOT like being called a monkey (being bounced off the cobbles by your ears may offend) and thus the in book reference for Ape Shit is librarian poo.


Trying not to go librarian poo over some person in my facebook feed who is pro Trump and a climate change denier

@TechnicalKO @liamvhogan if you're on the bird site then @nuclearanthro@twitter.com is a good start for anything related to nuclear and NK

@TechnicalKO @liamvhogan several small to medium range ballistic missiles apparently

Things I'm doing today, shopping for walkers and shower chairs.

Sadly not this type of walker

@liamvhogan no you're not the last person. I've had discussions with my kids about phone etiquette. These discussions also involve warnings to others if you're wandering around face timing someone


Good morning mastodon. Actually going into the office this morning. Yay for face to face contact with the people I work with!

That makes three things I have done for myself today. The other two being updating and restarting this instance and purchasing X-Plane for my flight sim needs.

Whelp just shifted my photo collection into a new drive and didn't lose any metadata when I edited the darktable db to reflect the new location.

Right, instance back up and running with latest version.

@raena welcome, it's a tad quieter over here in mastodon land

Sitting here knowing what I have to do and not being able to move forward.

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