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So that's my frustration for today.

Anyway, here's Wonderwall

This is of course frustrating, as I have half an excellent interview done for Women In STEMM done (and by half, I mean my recording software ONLY recorded the interviewee and not me). I still need to figure out how to turn that into an episode

One of the medications I'm on at the moment is Lyrica. It's a nerve blocker to help with the kapows I get in the afternoon. It also unfortunately has the side effect of causing brain fog

Trying to get my head back in the podcast and media production space.

Not sure if the head fog is from the medication or anything else.

I've just been called a bad faith actor for pointing out that Israel Folau is being pinged for a specific post on his Insta instead of the whole thing.

Smashing my KPIs today

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Welcome to WeRWorld, a tentative experiment to see if Rotation-Curation (RoCur) accounts can work on the Mastodon platform.

As the admin of WeRWorld on Twitter, I believe they can. A single instance with an admin and a host should be more secure than anything Twitter has to offer.

There is a fair bit I need to do here to get things up to speed, including re-writing what is on, so please bear with me.


Last retoot relevant to my search for a good Mastodon Client. @tootdon is being shutdown :(

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Dear Tootdon users,

We decided to end the service of Tootdon for iOS / Android on July 7, 2019, in consideration of the usage situation of the app.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who enjoyed it, but thank you for your understanding.

You can continue to use the mastdon instance currently in use from Tootdon by accessing the website of that instance with Safari or Chrome browser, or using a client application other than Tootdon.

Me today


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It’s a really good video for an insane process
I’m seriously hoping this is a parody.

Because, if it’s not, the GE smart bulb team should be charged with violating the Geneva Convention.

This is torture.

I'm here because I've been tinkering with federated social media since the statusnet days and because occasionally it's nice to go somewhere quiet?

Also I self host my mastodon instance. It's run on a dinky linode but it means I get to have a look at how it's put together. I should build up my network of people more I suppose.

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We have a postition for a (paid) student intern opening up in my Developer Advocacy team at Samsung Internet based in West London: It's a great opportunity for somone just starting out to gain some exposure and get a real jump start on building a career in web developer advocacy and web technology in general. Please get in touch me with me here if you have any questions.

question for tooters, what client do you use and why?

Currently using Tootdon which is okay but looking for alts

Seems that's bad bird site banning has lead to a small population explosion.

Just adding new tooters

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Going to be testing Skypes call recording facility tonight.

Shame, because there used to be an excellent FOSS tool for this, but now I have to go to Windows to record a call.

Current status:

Trolling the ward by whistling baby shark

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